About Us


All Gemstones are formed naturally and resurface from deep within the earth's mantle. We turn those natural stones into semi-precious jewellery, spheres, pyramids and much more... We believe that humans are much like these fine treasures - going about our daily lives. With our Jewellery, Crystal Elixir Water Bottles, Candles, Grids, and much more, we can change that direction, hoping the destination is worth it! We strive to empower the people that wear our jewellery or keep the gemstones at home, while they express their individuality...


Co-Owner Pina Madafferi believes in the power of gemstones, and is driven by it’s effects to enlighten and empower you!
“I strongly believe in the characteristics of the gemstones and the benefits they offer. I have had my own experience with these beads where I have built strength and courage to be my true self. By wearing these crystals I have felt my energy levels boost and most of all my self-confidence which has led me to start my own business by bringing you this powerful jewellery. I am deeply passionate about our exciting brand SoulSista, and I look forward to sharing this experience with you as we continue our journey.” - Pina
Co-Owner Mehr Kalra is the one behind all the sourcing and social media, sharing the power of spiritual gemstones, and ensuring that through the gemstones, the needs of all individuals are met!
“I come from a culture where we believe that gemstones can change our destinies... they can have an effect on our moods, love life, work life, and much more! My personal experience with them inspired me to create a business with my partners who share the same love. We produce fine gemstone jewellery that can be personalised for each individual, appreciating their diverse tastes and needs” - Mehr