Natural Incense Sticks
Natural Incense Sticks
Natural Incense Sticks

Natural Incense Sticks

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The alluring gift set has a handpicked selection of incense sticks in four fragrances of Chakras – SAHASRARA, MULADHARA, SWATHISTHANA and VISHUDDHA Chakras.
The Chakra Gift set lets you experience 4 powerful fragrances. Begin your meditation, puja rituals or light them up at sunrise or sunset. Spread the fragrance of your faith.

Experience luck, knowledge and divine blessings with incense sticks crafted from musky universal love. It has grape fruit for intuition, pepper for clarity, almond for insights, freesia for contentment, violet flower for expansiveness and vanilla for bliss. Get the incense sticks and experience change.

This all-important chakra provides support and stability, laying a foundation for wealth. The fragrance passes energy through red watermelon and courage, strength and stability through durva grass and hibiscus. It emanates trust through lotus and tuberose, and abundance through modak, making this product an unparalleled combination of rare, indigenous elements.

This is the controlling center of creativity, good relationships and security. It conveys self-esteem with orange flower, confidence through rose and osmanthus, the flow of life through juicy orange protection from vetiver, patchouli and moss and loving relationships from silken musk and amber.

These incense sticks are created to awaken wisdom, communication and self-confidence. Freesia for charisma, lotus for expression of inner will, juicy melons for wisdom and waterfall for empowering freedom make these incense sticks an incredible source of courage and confidence to speak your mind.


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